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In the field of scientific and technological innovation

Auman brand is not only the continuation of the "internationalization, technology and humanity, safe and trustworthy" brand image

Auman integration of global resources, imported parts to use in key parts and assembly. Such as: the use of a world-class German VABCO valve, SIEMENS travel recorder, electronic instruments. The Auman vehicle performance is the integration of the global automotive giant intelligent products. The overall optimization plus by the British Lotus Limited, Benz Corp senior experts on Auman Auman heavy truck chassis system, only in Germany's famous Hockenheim F1 circuit and Benz, Manchester and other international giants to compete against the heavy truck as the first car, after China car was a famous German Bayer Technology Museum Shi such proud honor. To improve the reliability of the whole vehicle; at the same time, the implementation of TOYOTA TPS production management methods, the establishment of a strict quality control system, product quality steadily.

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  • Auman cab

    Auman cab using the latest European framework structure design, sheet metal parts all adopt high strength cold pressed steel plate by stamping equipment, entrance drawing molding, high strength, anti impact ability is strong, not easy to deformation. All stamping die entrance by pressing, no splicing.

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  • Auman truck maintenance in winter

    With air clean to ensure Auman truck maintenance in winter 1, every time when filling, avoid water and dirt into the cylinder causing pipe blockage, after filling, buckle the seat and the back seat of the filling gas dust cover.

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  • Butter won't go in?Smart card friends do so easily

    Butter should be a familiar thing for truck owners and maintenance workers. But in the process of butter, Beijing Huayun Beijing Hengtong Auman accessories sales center introduces you to the steel pin is always a headache repair place, because here often do not play into the oil condition.

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  • GTL heavy card accessories

    Beijing Huayun Hengtong auto parts sales center professional distribution GTL heavy truck accessories, the main items are ETX Auman Auman GTL cab assembly, cab assembly, lion Auman cab assembly monopoly.

  • Electronic throttle pedal

    Hebei GTL electronic accelerator pedal sales, the national direct selling manufacturer, is Hebei Hebei electronic accelerator pedal sales agent. The electronic accelerator pedal can judge the driver's intentions according to the action range of stepping accelerator, so as to achieve precise control.

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 Beijing Huayun Hengtong auto parts sales center was established in 2012, registered capital of 1 million yuan. Beijing Huayun Hengtong Auman EST accessories factory direct sales, Auman company specializes in car accessories, GTL European blue cab assembly, automobile accessories, price concessions, Auman and provide full line of products for our customers, perfect service. Welcome to buy. The other is a domestic enterprise, Beijing Huayun Hengtong auto parts sales center is the main legal secondary consolidation, like the national market, customers for small and medium enterprises. The number of employees 100 people, the company's business model for distribution wholesale, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so that enterprises in the development of a good social image. Scope of business: Sales of auto parts, with professional level and mature technology. The company will always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" purpose, with scientific management, strong technical force, will continue to deepen the reform, innovation mechanism, adapt to the market development, welcome friends from all walks of life to come to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Highly recognized Beijing Huayun Hengtong auto parts sales center to the integrity, strength and product quality for the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

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